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India is the home of various ancient classical dance forms – Kathak, Odissi, Manipuri, Kathakali, Kuchipudi, Bharatanatyam, and Mohiniattam – to name a few. With the increased exposure of Indian culture in Hollywood and the US, Bollywood is on the lips of many around the world. The goal of Moksha Arts is to fuse the various forms of dance to create its own eclectic style.

So take a moment to liberate yourself from your hectic schedule and express your inner self in a therapeutic and fun environment! Classes are now available in New Jersey and New York City.

Punchali Jump


A solid base is always needed to excel in any form of art. Our Foundation classes focus on training our dancers in basic technique by building strength, core, and grace in each individual. This groundwork lies at the root of any established dancer. Students will also learn intricate footwork along with elegant hand gestures which will be used throughout the classes offered by Moksha Arts. Our foundation classes are recommended for all beginner students and strategically created to teach kids the fundamentals of dance while having fun. Aspects of Indian classical, bollywood and folk dance will be incorporated to help students become a versatile dancer as it will properly prepare them for stage performances. All classes will be small in size and broken up by age group to provide special attention to all kids. Semester will end with a dance recital in June.
Bollywood Basics: An introduction to Bollywood dance. This class focuses on the absolute basics of Bollywood concentrating on beat recognition, body movement and building stamina. This class is recommended for all beginners, especially those with no previous Indian dance experience. After completion of Bollywood Basics, students may continue to Bollywood Beats.

Bollywood Beats: The fusion of Indian classical, folk and Bollywood dance steps to the sounds of popular Indian Bollywood music. With no past experience necessary, learn choreographed moves to Bollywood’s hottest beats.

Advanced Expressions: Specifically designed for individuals who want to perform and compete on a regular basis. Enrollment is based on prior experience and/or advancements within Moksha Arts curriculum. Kids and adult classes available.

Kardio Karma brings together an eclectic mix of cardio movements with easy to follow traditional Bollywood dance steps to maximize total body toning. You’re guaranteed to break a sweat as Bollywood and cardio training merge together for a great work-out.
A low-impact cardio and yoga class specifically developed for active adults. To the background of Bollywood’s popular soundtracks, learn easy to follow steps designed to improve balance and coordination.
A fun, interactive class designed for moms and their toddlers. At Moksha Arts we want everyone to enjoy dancing, but sometimes toddlers can have a hard time without their mommies by their side. We therefore invite moms to come join in the fun with their little ones in a 45 minute class great for early development. Not only will you bond with your child, but its a great way to meet other moms in your neighborhood as well.

Moksha Arts Journey is designed for students pursuing an interest in Indian dance. Enrollment in the curriculum begins every September when students are placed in classes fit for their age, level, and location. Annual course is from September to May. Summer session classes and workshops are optional.

Sample New Student Curriculum

Year 1: Foundation & Bollywood Basics
Year 2: Foundation, Beginner Bollywood Beats, & Folk
Year 3: Foundation, Advanced Bollywood Beats, Folk, & Semi-Classical
Year 4 and Beyond: Advanced Expressions and continuation of training with a focus on performances and competitions

Students will begin performing in shows and competitions based on completion of Foundation class as well as progression within Beginner Bollywood Beats.

Need to prepare a dance for an upcoming show, event or wedding? Hire Moksha Arts to choreograph a dance for the special day. Moksha Arts has trained many kids and adults for upcoming shows, competitions, weddings, sweet sixteens, graduation parties and more! Call today to get more information.
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Punchali Khanna Kumar

Student. Performer. Instructor.

Punchali Khanna Kumar

Punchali Khanna Kumar

Founder & Artistic Director

The Director

Punchali has been extremely fortunate to train with prominent teachers in 3 continents, each renowned for their expertise in a particular dance form. Punchali’s gurus have truly been a great source of inspiration for her over the years.  She is thankful for their time and extensive training and aspires to instill the same grace and ethic in her own students. While she appreciates the complexity and purity of each individual dance form she has trained in, Punchali has fused them to create her own eclectic style, which creates the essence of Moksha Arts.
Punchali has completed her 200-hour yoga teacher’s training under the guidance of Jillian Pransky and Carrie Parker-Gastelu to deepen her practice as well as enhance her skills to attain national certification.
Punchali is a graduate of Barbizon Modeling School and Agency. After graduation she was offered the position of modeling instructor at the agency where she taught the students the techniques of poise, posture, and attitude as well as trained them for pageants and fashion shows. Punchali, herself, has modeled at various events and placed in pageants.
Punchali is a graduate of Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, School of Business with a BS in Marketing and a minor in Asian Studies. Upon graduation she worked in media at leading advertising agencies in New York City including BBDO/OMD, MediaVest, and Wieden+Kennedy.  During her time with them, she proved her ability to deal with a wide range of individuals, including top executives on the client, agency, and publishing side in a stressful and time-sensitive environment. Her clients included major companies such as HBO, ABC, GE and Kraft.
After leaving the advertising side she moved on to Publishing where she most recently was an Account Manager at Redbook Magazine where we handled clients such as Citibank, 20th Century FOX, PBS, Panasonic, Lowe’s, Kodak, and Unilever. Punchali’s experience in advertising sales has ingrained in her the importance of establishing solid relationships built on excellent service.
Punchali was a talk show host for Scene Time on TV ASIA for two consecutive years under now Mumbai based film director, Rahul Dholakia. Scene Time was a 30-minute show focusing on the highlights of Bollywood. Punchali gave her viewers the breaking news in the ever-exciting industry discussing the latest news on music, movies, and gossip week after week. During her time at TV ASIA, she also executed voice-overs for TV Commercials. Additionally, Punchali was featured in the dance sequences in the film, American Desi. There you will see her dancing away to Bhangra and Garba.

Special Events

Add a little rhythm to your event!


Corporate Events

Perfect for team building or client events! Experience Bollywood first hand as the group learns choreography to the hottest beats. Event includes photo shoot in traditional costume and jewelry, customized invitation along with wine and hors d’œuvre.

Girls Night Out

In a 2-hour event, experience Bollywood first hand as the group learns choreography to the hottest beats. Event includes photo shoot in traditional costume and jewelry, customized invitation along with wine and hors d’œuvre.

Kids Parties

An opportunity for kids to experience Indian dance first hand as they learn fun moves to the hottest Bollywood and Bhangra beats creating a vibrant affair to remember. Perfect for kids’ birthday parties, Sweet Sixteens, or Bat Mitzvahs.

Moksha Arts Dance Company

Showcase your talents

Are you looking for a platform to showcase your talents and perform with dancers equally as dedicated as you?

Moksha Arts is looking for passionate dancers who are proficient in various forms of dance and looking to perform at prestigious events and competitions.


Costume Rental

Moksha Arts offers offers Indian dance costumes and jewelry for rent.

Past Events & News

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Happy Diwali

October 30th

Happy Diwali!!

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Moksha Arts Ghungroo 2016

April 15th
Events, Performances

May 15, 2016: A student recital by Moksha Arts Dance Troupe and Students Moksha Arts’ students of all ages are back to the New York stage in performances and stunning costumes. The show will be packed with classical, folk, Bollywood and contemporary dances to popular soundtracks from India. Contact us for tickets

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